Bloggity Bloggity

Today is a rainy Saturday. My dh is FINALLY home and we’re just hanging out.

But first a little bloggy business to take care of–

I WON SOMETHING! Yes, I won a prize in the Doggy Days giveaway. Coming to a Nursery Near You gave away some great gift books and I won a POP UP book! I love pop ups! My favorites are by Robert Sabuda. Have you ever seen them?

Also, my fav-o-rite site, 5minutesformom is having another contest. I know what you’re thinking, Amanda, come on! You enter contests for bandaids, milk and hair clips! Do we really have to hear about this? YES! They are giving away a FLAT SCREEN LCD HD TV! (enough initials for you?!) I mean, somebody’s got to win. It might as well be me and my TIVO! Wouldn’t they look beautiful together? *sigh*

Now, my other bloggy business is my new signature! Annie made it for me and it’s just great! She actually made 3. I’m going to try all 3 and see which one I like. Feel free to weigh in.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Love the first signature.

  2. i like the 3rd one

  3. Well, I’m glad you won a pop up book, and you’re so happy, ’cause I’M winning that TV!!! 🙂 ha,ha!
    I like all the signatures, but for your blog, and my impressions of you, I really like the third one. I think because the font is thicker than the second, and the “a” is not capitalize, it’s more contemporary, and not so formal. That’s my two cents worth!

  4. I vote for the third one!!

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