Doggone Tired! *UPDATED*

So, did you read enter every single contest? I entered a good 75 and I barely scratched the surface! I think there were over 500 contests linked up!

I know I said you’d have till Friday to enter my contest. But I think I’m going to turn off comments tonight at midnight. (Yes, I want to be like Shannon.) I figured no one read my post, wrote down the end date and is going to come back to enter. So, I don’t think I’ll get any hate mail about stopping it then. I just thought it would be more fun to announce the winner tomorrow than on Saturday. Saturday is a notorious low-blogging day. I’m not complaining, I hope you have a real life outside of visiting me on the world wide web!

So, anyway, come back FRIDAY to find out if you won some MINI MOO CARDS!!

(ack! I’m so excited!)

***Did I say midnight? Well, it’s 9am on Friday and I haven’t turned the comments off. I actually went to bed before midnight. That’s a first this week, I think! After Lydia and I get back from the park, I’ll turn the comment off and pick a winner! I’ve been thinking about how she’s going to pick the number b/c I’m certainly NOT going to write 200something numbers on little scraps of paper….I’ve got a good idea! I think you’ll like it!***


  1. Mini moo cards! Those are so cool – I recently saw those posted on Craft and thought that they were adorable!

  2. Ok, don’t faint… I believe I entered every one of the contests (and then some .. that I found link off other blogs.)

    My fingers hurt!

  3. The amount of contests is totally overwhelming! lol I did my best to tackle as many as I could this week.

  4. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I haven’t a clue how I’m going to draw names yet…
    I have decided, however, that anyone who signed up for my contest and is already one of my ‘friends’ is getting a complimentary siggy just for being a friend. That includes you of course btw. So, I don’t know if you actually entered or just said hi on that post but if you want one, tell me what you want it to look like and I’ll email it to you. Bad news? I only know the html codes for blogger to have it appear on every post so all I can do for you cool wordpress girl is send you the actual file and let you plug it in your posts manually…
    I’ll be back later to see who wins!!

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