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How funny is this?!

I’m on topmomma! It’s a site that…well, I don’t even know what! But you post a picture, then people who like it click it. And if you can stay on the front page–you’re a top momma! I hardly even remember posting this picture. But I love it! So, click here and then click on the […]

Calling All Women!

Remember when I did the Race for the Cure? And I briefly mentioned I got to be on TV? Ahhh, yeah! Well, I TIVOed the segment, burnt it onto a dvd but can’t seem to get it on the computer. (so, any hints would be appreciated!) The entire segment was full of interviews on different […]

Yep, we go every sunday

At church today our pastor spoke on the 2nd part of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Some Dreams Can’t Come True”. And if this stuff doesn’t make you want to read the Bible, I don’t know what will! The passage he spoke from is 2 Samuel 15-16. King David is now older, he’s got lots of […]

And one more…

I think I like this one best. Isn’t Annie great?!

Bloggity Bloggity

Today is a rainy Saturday. My dh is FINALLY home and we’re just hanging out. But first a little bloggy business to take care of– I WON SOMETHING! Yes, I won a prize in the Doggy Days giveaway. Coming to a Nursery Near You gave away some great gift books and I won a POP […]

Prepare to be Jealous

Ready to find out how I picked our Moo MiniCards winner? Oh, you’re in for a sweet treat! My daughter has this awesome Strawberry Shortcake puzzle. The strawberry puzzle pieces are numbered. So, I let Lydia use her puzzle pieces to pick the winning number! Here she is with the numbers in a bowl. And […]

Doggone Tired! *UPDATED*

So, did you read enter every single contest? I entered a good 75 and I barely scratched the surface! I think there were over 500 contests linked up! I know I said you’d have till Friday to enter my contest. But I think I’m going to turn off comments tonight at midnight. (Yes, I want […]