Oh, what would we do without memes?

I was tagged about 3million years ago by my new bloggy friend, Nannette. So, because I’m a little tired and just now posting at 10pm, here’s the famous/infamous 8 Random Things meme. I’ve themed it a little more by using 8 random numberish things about me. I know, I’m so creative.

1. I have 7 aunts. Only 1 of them lives in the same state as me.

2. I am reading Harry Potter #5 for the 2nd or 3rd time.

3. I lived in 1 house growing up. I’ve lived in 10 houses since I’ve been married.

4. I’ve had 3 cars to call my own: a CRX that was totaled, a Civic that we sold and now I’m the proud owner of a Passat!

5.  I have 1 brother. And 4 sisters-in-law.

6. I wash my face 2 times every night. I’m supposed to. I use Cosmedix and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

7. I got only 1 C in High School–in Algebra. Also the 1 time I fantasized about maiming a teacher.

8. I have 5 pairs of flip flops: black, brown, red, green & yellow.

There it is. Let’s see, I tag Staci, Mandi, Becky & Kristen. Just trying to help you update your blogs, girls!


  1. Algebra was my WORST in high school too- except maybe geometry now that I think about it. Blech Math.

  2. a ~ Too funny on the Passat! That is what I drive! What color, may I ask?! 🙂

  3. What fun facts about you!
    When Amanda’s Algebra III teacher gave her an 89 after she made a 100 on the final I emailed her and she actually changed her grade to an A… it’s a long story, but anyway…

  4. Ok, #5 makes it sound like your brother is quite the ladies’ man! 🙂

  5. Your posts are so interesting. Thanks for responding to the tag.

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