So, my new blogging friend, dcrmom…hey, I just realized, I don’t know your real name! Did I miss it? Or are you incognito? Oh, I’m kinda embarrassed! Anyway, she gave me a really fun award!

So now I get to award some more rockin’ girl bloggers! But I gotta tell you, I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. I know this isn’t even a real award…there’s no papparazzi or statuettes to place on your mantle. But I just have so many fun bloggy friends I wanted to do it right. Everyone on my blogroll to the right is rockin’. And everyone on my bloglines is rockin’, or I wouldn’t read them!

Val, of course, is rockin’. I first met her when she saw my wedding pictures. She offered to print some off and try to save them! How sweet! Since then we’ve been bbb (best blogger buds) and shoot the comments back and forth! She’s a rockin’ mom, a rockin’ photographer and rockin’ blogger…uh, she has 4 blogs…her purple valley blog, her photography blog, her family picture blog and a blog that chronicles the words of her grandmother via her old journals! How rockin’ is she?!

Coralie is one of my new bloggy friends. I met her through some of my search terms. Uhm…how can I explain it better? Someone found my blog by googling “pregnancy miracles” or something like that. So, I decided to see what else came up if I searched that. And I found Coralie’s blog. She is pregnant with little baby Pomegranate. But had previously dealt with infertility. I read her story about Pomegranate and shot off a comment about how Lydia was a miracle baby, too. Coralie immediately posted about my story and then I realized that she had a miscarriage! I felt terrible that I had compared our 2 stories so quickly without knowing her whole story. COULD I RAMBLE ANYMORE? Even still Coralie and I have become friends (at least I think we have!). She sees God everywhere–I love reading about her pregnancy, in the midst of swelling, aching and misappropriate comments, Coralie sees the miracle of her baby. Even in the midst of her house renovation she sees God. She’s rockin’, I tell ya!

I’m getting a little wordy here, I’ll try to do better…

Annie is my new bloggy friend, too. I found her via Heather’s blog and was impressed by her faith and knowledge of scripture. Her daughter, Izzy was in a terrible drowning accident. But here’s what Annie says about it:

I have said it before but feel it necessary to say again, “I believe Izzy will be restored completely through the healing blood of Jesus Christ, I believe that she has been healed by the stripes of Jesus, we are simply waiting and expecting the manifestation of this healing.” If you don’t agree with this, don’t pray for her. I also don’t need to be felt sorry for or talked out of my beliefs. These beliefs are based on God’s word alone and have taken root deep inside me now, they will not be moved. (italics mine)

Ooooh, that paragraph gives me the shivers! Annie is so sweet and comments even on the tiniest thing on my posts, always making me feel good! Is she rockin’, or what?

A few other rockin’ girls I love that I just don’t have the time to write a 15000 word essay like I did above (please don’t be offended!) are:

Bee at Will Blog for Shoes. I mean, how rockin’ is that blog title? I’m going to meet her one day! We’ve already decided. ‘Cuz she rocks big time.

Melodye @MorningSong. She’s a rockin’ Christian, a rockin’ Mommy and she’s celebrating her 100th post today!

Damselfly @Growing a Life. She’s witty and has rockin’ style!

Kristin @This is the Life. Don’t you love her blog title? She’s a new mommy and a voracious reader. I love reading her book reviews. She rocks!

Like I said, there are so many rockin’ girl bloggers. I really wanted to write an essay on why I like everyone on my blogroll. Maybe one day when I’m bored…

Thanks again, dcrmom! You rock for real!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you won the award for how many times “rockin” is used in a post.

  2. Amanda, oh my gosh, YOU rock, girl and YOU made MY day . . . it’s a fabulous feeling actually, to be awarded again by you . . . but also to be called a bbb! :c) I’m smiling as I type this. Thank you thank you thank you. I just don’t know what else to say. I am beyond honored that you think the way you do about me and my photography . . . YOU are the one that rocks.

    *bbb hugs*!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Amanda!! I finally won something! haha :} You are such a fun blogging friend and I appreciate your kind words! There is clearly no doubt that you Rock and I want to start by saying…

    I thank the academy, without you all – where would I be? I thank God because – He has kept me through this long journey! I thank Amanda because – she Rocks! I thank my family because – they have sacrificed so much for me to achieve this great award! I feel I am forgetting someone. Oh the music.. the dreaded music.


  4. You *do* rock! thanks for the mention! Hugs 😉

  5. Aw Amanda, you are a rockin’ blogger, photographer, daughter and traveler!

    You’re so sweet to think of me … I always love visiting you to see what’s new!

    Thank you!

  6. My very first award! And we are going to celebrate at Taziki’s when you come to town!


  7. Congratulations! What a fun award!

  8. What a fun award to get!

  9. Oh Amanda, that paragraph by Annie gives me the shivers too. I loved it! That was the highlight of my blogging week actually!


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