You are going to be so jealous!

I swear I’m not going to turn this blog into a photo-blog, but I have just got to share these pictures with you.



Are they the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? What, you don’t know what they are?! They’re hair clips for Lydia!

One of my favorite sites, indiebabies has been having some fantastic summer giveaways. And I won over 20 clips from 3 different companies: Little Clippies, Out to Tea & Bellaziza. Don’t you just love them?!

Lydia was so excited when she saw them she wanted to put them all in her hair. I promise you I did not make her do this. I only obliged.

Do you see the one that looks like a cupcake?! Oh, I could just eat it! All the clips are interesting fabrics and sparkles. I’ve honestly never seen cuter clips. Thanks Indiebabies, Bellaziza, Out to Tea & Little Clippies! I am in clippy heaven!

(please! go visit these fun sites and tell them that I sent you!! tell them lydia and i will model them for the rest of our lives! oh, and if you’re really lovin’ it, i’ve got more pics of the clips on my flickr.)


  1. Oh my gosh Amanda- those are the cutest clips I have ever seen. And the picture of all of them in Lydia’s hair is too cute. I love the purple flower with the green stem and leaves. I want some for me! 🙂

  2. So pretty!

  3. Please pull these pics back out in about 18 years when it’s time for her to graduate from high school. She’ll love it!!

  4. those really are cute!! Lydia will be the envy of every little girl, not to mention their moms :), in her Sunday school class!!

  5. I see the one that looks like a damselfly. 😉

    Makes me want a girl….

  6. I love that she wanted to wear them all at one time. You gotta love moments like that.
    Did you get my email that I sent yeserday?

  7. I love the hair clip pics. Too funny!! Congrats on your big win.

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