I laugh in the face of Wordless Wednesday!


Another cute cute picture of my dad when he was little. This was about 1958 or 59, so my dad was 3 or 4. The little girl is his cousin. And I think the 2 on the bench are my dad’s grandmother and aunt. Don’t you love their outfits while at the beach? What will our grandkids think when they see pictures of us at the beach?! Yikes!

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  1. I do love pictures from this era! have a good WW!

  2. Very nice! Happy WW!

  3. I love that. happy WW.

  4. Yeah!! Crazy huh? haha

    I am glad you are back to ‘splaining’ your WW. 🙂

  5. What a great photo find! Love it! (I too am a not so wordless participant! Cant help myself!)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love it! I hope my kids get to enjoy these kids of pics someday.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Aww that is such a beautiful picture. Happy WW.

  8. Fabulous, Fabulous. Doesn’t everything seem a bit more romantic in black and white.

  9. Such a cool picture! Great WW, thanks for sharing!

  10. I think kids are cuter in black & white. I know I am!

  11. This is a great shot! I like the coverups then.

  12. I love old pics!

    I adore the pics of all the beaded clips! Gorgeous colors!

    I also think your pic of you and your friends making crazy faces is just priceless!!! ; )

  13. I love this picture!

    It is scary to think what our grandchildren will think about what we wear to the beach. But, even scarier is to think what will they be wearing? We’re practically naked as it is!!

  14. I love how many things are going on in this picture. That is a great capture from 50 years ago!

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