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My new favorite meal

I read a few blogs with these talented gourmet chef mamas. They post yummy homemade meals that I can only dream about. But I made something this week that I am so proud of and just had to share! I ‘m sure this will never happen again, so I hope you enjoy! My Awesome 3 […]

God Stuff

When Daddy had emergency surgery on a cancerous tumor in his colon, the doctors told us in the post-op meeting that there was nothing they could do. The cancer had ravaged his body and that was it. One day I might write the whole day out in detail, but it’s still too fresh. However, I […]

Real Beauty

Stephanie‘s photo tag got me thinking. All the pictures the girls posted of themselves without make up were beautiful! Everyone looked great to me. And everyone said the same about me. (aw, gee, thanks!) But most of us (including myself) also said that we refuse to go to the store without make up on. I […]

*squeal of delight*

OK, so it’s not the Oscars, but still, it was pretty fun. Staci has been wanting us to go to the Doves for years so a few months before my birthday, she hands me a wrapped present with a piece of paper inside. It was a printout of the Dove Awards. She said, “Will you […]

Mama Mia

Just wanted to let you know my mom has finally started a blog! I’m so excited. She’s a writer at heart and is destined to be a great blogger. If you all go over and say hello maybe she’ll update regularly! Click here to visit Mama. (really, I just posted this so the first entry […]

It’s time to get REAL

Yes, folks, I can’t back down from a challenge. And Stephanie‘s got a good one…bloggers without makeup. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Let me start off by saying, I’ve been wearing make up since the 6th grade. With my mom’s nudging approval. I love make up. And I need make up. My skin is […]

Sun & Jin

I realize I’m a few days late, but that’s what I love my tivo! (Have I mentioned this before?) So, here are my Lost impressions, condensed for you: I trust Juliet about as far as I can throw her. Kate is SO gonna be a mama. Did you really think freaky patch guy was dead?! […]