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Word(less) Wednesday

  My great grandfather. Born March 10, 1893. Died June 16, 1973.   I love his socks, the lamp shade and his casual real smile.   (see my other wordless wednesdays here, and everyone else’s here.)

I’m growing!

Guess what? Today I was #17 on WordPress’ Growing Blogs! I don’t know what that means, but don’t you think it sounds cool?! Thanks for helping me grow! I feel very…grown up. *ahem*


I’m really not dogwood crazy, I just cannot get over how gorgeous our neighborhood is right now! Every house has tons of flowering trees. It will take your breath away! I took some more pictures of our dogwoods today because the pink dogwood is in bloom. Oh. It’s beautiful. When I was little my mom […]


One reason I’m attracted to blogging is because I love to read and write. Blogging lets me do both. Tonight I stopped by Ann Kroeker’s blog. She posted a great post (isn’t that redundant?) about choosing to experience life. Experiencing life brings “material” for your writing. It’s more important than the writing. Honestly, I’m not […]

My Diaper-Hand-Bag-Purse

It’s 10:15 Sunday night and I’m blogging about my purse. (That’s what happens when your husband is boxing on his xbox.) Well, you saw my favorite (Lydia) shoes last week and why not share my purse? And really, I love this purse. I don’t like to carry a diaper bag AND purse, so I need […]

Why I Love Where I Live #282

I walked outside yesterday and to my amazement, the tree in our front yard is a Dogwood! They are my favorite tree! We had them at our house when I was growing up. Plus, they feel very southern. Not to mention, when I walked outside today, I discovered that not only do we have a […]

Morning, Noon & Night

This morning I was in courtroom 2B on the 2nd floor of the County Courthouse with the Honorable Judge So-and-so presiding. Yes, I was in traffic court. My offense? I drove on an expired tag for a little over 4 months (gasp!). I know, I know, my lame excuse is that we thought we were […]