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I use bloglines to keep up with all the blogs I read. Basically, it’s a giant bookmark that tells me when the blogs I read are updated. One blog I bookmarked is called Ashley’s Journal. It’s the story of a little girl, only 19 months old, who has had several organ transplants and is now going through chemotherapy for cancer. I read one or two posts, but just couldn’t read it every day because her mom blogs so eloquently, the pain and heartache they are going through is tangible on every post.

So, today I finally clicked over and decided to catch up. Then, I read this post. And I got convicted. I hate that word, but that’s what it was! Here I am unable unwilling to read her blog every day because it makes *me* sad. Ashley’s mom is weeping over her 19 month old who is going through chemo. She is driving to the hospital every day. She and her family take showers every time they come into the house, to keep germs away. They wear masks around Ashley; to protect her.

That did it for me. Imagine having to wear a mask 24 hours a day. Imagine picking up your precious baby girl from her crib and she looks into your eyes…and your mask. How does she see you smiling? Kissing? Laughing?

So, I left a comment to apologize. I know it wasn’t necessary seeing as how she didn’t even know I was reading her blog (or not reading it). But, the Bible encourages us to share each others burdens. Not usually something I want someone sharing with me, you know? “Hey, it’s my turn for the belittling boss.” “Let me have your financial problems today!” Or in Ashley’s case, “Let me sit through your vomiting, chemo and pain.” Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

I don’t really have an answer to how we do this. I don’t want you to think this is some call to self-mutilation or punishing ourselves because others have it bad. But for me, I had to cry (literally, I was crying this morning after reading all the posts I skipped over) and comment (that’s the only I could do for her half a country away) and then pray. I know first hand that nothing is impossible with God. Not cancer. Not death. Nothing.

Please pray for Ashley.


  1. Wow, Amanda. On my prayer list she goes. And her family. What strength that takes. I can’t even begin to imagine. The great thing is, GOD KNOWS.

  2. Bonjour from across the sea! This is just what I was thinking of, and you wrote it nicely. Thankyou

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