New Friends & Free Stuff (hopefully)

I joined a blogring…no, a blog community…well, I’m not really sure of the blog lingo yet, but I found a website, 5minutesformom, with lots of mommy blogs on it. I link to them and they link to me! The idea is that they get lots of hits and I get lots of hits. Free advertising, I guess!

It looks kinda fun though. Today they are having a contest to win a free Easter bracelet for kids from Our 2peas in a Pod. Anyone can enter–try it! Well, actually, don’t, because I entered and I’d really like to win. Not that Lydia would wear a bracelet…she might eat it, but she certainly wouldn’t wear it!

Next week they’re hosting the Ultimate Blog Party. I’m not really sure what it means, but maybe I’ll show up and sip the punch. (oh, and you’re invited, too!)


  1. thanks!! this is FUN! and i think i really like you already because you might be the only other person left on this earth who appreciates blue cheese! i seriously have to pick my fast food restaurants based on who still carries bc for my salad- go chic-fil-la!!

  2. thanks for sharing this with us. I had fun getting lost in the 5 min for mom site. found tons of cool stuff. Hours of entertainment.. to bad I only had “5 min” 🙂

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