I did it.

(our four 1 year olds “posing” for a picture.)

I joined the ranks of the freaks and losers who meet their internet friends in real life (or IRL as we web friends like to say). But I’d just like to say, if you think we’re freaks and losers–YOU’RE WRONG! I had so much fun!

I’m on an online playgroup (aka ivillage messageboard) for moms with babies born born the same month & year. We post topics and questions about diapers, feeding, sleeping; we share pictures of our babies; we rant about our mothers-in-law. And since I discovered this great group of girls, I check in with them every day that I can. Who else do you talk to every day? I don’t even call my mom every day! So, we’ve gotten close. And today, we made that huge step of meeting face to face, January 06 babies in tow.

We met at one of those indoor inflatable playgrounds so our one year olds could run and jump and play. Well, we didn’t think it through because only 2 of the 4 kids could even walk. Oh well, they still had fun.

I was the fist one there and while I was waiting, I wasn’t nervous. It wasn’t like waiting for a blind date. I already knew these girls. It was like waiting for your old college roommate or the girl that used to be your next door neighbor but moved away in 7th grade. I kinda felt like I was waiting to meet someone famous–I’d been reading their news and studying at their pictures so long, it was surreal to finally meet them.

One of the girls put it best, she said, “I knew I’d have fun, I just didn’t know *how* much fun I’d have.” (not an exact quote, obviously.) So, for all the times I thought someone was weird for hooking up on the internet, I apologize. To quote a blinkie, “I love my computer, my friends live in it!” How much more fun that we ventured out of our computers to see each other today! Thanks, ladies! It was an absolute blast today!


  1. that is so cool. Maybe next time I can plan to visit my in-laws in ATL and meet up with you guys!

  2. Great post! Your too cool 🙂 I also enjoyed reading your post on The Secret. I’ve been wondering what all the hubub was about. You have a great gift with words!

  3. Very Neat! Glad you could meet some of the gals:)

  4. Sounds like fun….I’m kinda jealous! Someone on the board had an idea a long long time ago about how if we’re all still in touch when the kids graduate from high school, we should do a moms-only trip somewhere and finally meet (as well as get our party on). I like to think about that from time to time, it would be so fun.

  5. Wow! It has been over a year since you made this post. Congrats on a great job at blogging.


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