my first one

I’ve been dying to be a blogger for a while now. I just wanted to make a real start of it. You know how dieters say, “I’ll start on Monday.”? Well, that’s me. I wanted to start when we moved from Birmingham to Atlanta. Then we had to stay with family for a few weeks. So, I said, “I’ll start when we get in our house.” Then we didn’t have internet. “I’ll start when we get internet.” I’m bootlegging a very fickle wireless connection right now so I’ve been putting off my first post thinking, “I’ll start when our internet is up and running.” Now, I can’t stand it, I have to start.

So, I’ve been snooping around other blogs to see what I should write about. I love the sahm blogs—proving that stay-at-home-mamas really do have a brain. I like the crafty sites…although I could never ever, even with instructions do the stuff they do. I like the look-at-this-weird-thing-i-found-online blogs. But I don’t want to be a copy cat.

There seems to be a blog “style”. It’s like it’s a quickly thrown together little journal entry that’s witty, transparent, thought-provoking while being a little sarcastic. So I wonder if the good bloggers spend an hour crafting a 3 paragraph entry or do they really just sit down, type and publish?

All this leads me nowhere. I’ve got the baby brag blog for my family because my daughter is the cutest thing ever. But I’ve got to get in on this blog ‘thing’. Have you ever seen someone on TV or at a concert and thought, “We would totally be friends.” And it’s kinda sad because you know you’re missing out on a great relationship? That’s how I feel about blogging! I know I would be so into it. I know I could become addicted. So, what am I doing? What is this? A blog about a blog. Sheesh.

Well, this is not what I expected for my first blog entry. I thought I could be as entertaining as other blogs. That remains to be seen…


  1. The first post is always the hardest! Good for you for starting. I promise to pop in regularly!

  2. Just reading this today from the linine in your last, for-awhile, post. This is me today. Literally just tweeted to the twitterverse the cry for help on how you even start this journey. This was what I needed today and I thank you for puttinjg this words down 5 years ago. It’s like when you’ve moved several times and finally break into that box that never quite gets unpacked. When you do, you’re surprised with “I was wondering what happened to that!” I’ll definitely be keeping up on Impress Your Kids. Maybe one day you can read my first post when…..

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