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I was looking back through my photo stream to find a good Easter-y, Spring-ish picture for this post and was kinda overjoyed to see all the fun we have add celebrating Easter with Sense of the Resurrection!

We didn’t do it as orderly as I had hoped (that angel flag never got colored) and not every single time did we have a big God-conversation about the topic. But, we had fun! The kids loved coloring and decorating their flags–they were making up little phrases to write on each one and new decor ideas. I’ve enjoyed them in our kitchen because we can easily review and tell the whole story by pointing to the flags.

Sense Resurrection Foot Washing 2015

We also made a lot of memories. The foot washing was a legitimate the-kids-just-stomped-through-the-mud-and-they-can’t-get-back-in-the-house-without-washing-their-feet, sealing the tomb took a half hour while cutting it down on Easter morning took .05 gleeful seconds. Our rooster canvas turned into a door-sized poster. We did Everday Faith & Fitness’ exercises for each activity–helping us to meditate and review with just one more sense!

It was exactly the experience I wanted it to be–full-body fun with meaningful (not necessarily serious or super-spiritual) conversations, creating memories in our hearts and memorials in our home.

So many people updated their experiences online and it was so fun to follow along. Here’s what a few people said about their activities:

Sense of the Resurrection experiences via @valerierohde

“Tasting the vinegar to represent the sour wine that was given to Jesus on the cross. And the red dots on our hands to symbolize the nails that were pierced Christ’s hands and feet nailed to the cross for our sins. Ryne really loved this activity and even though he is only 2.5, he has some basic understanding of the story. So cool to see him learning these truths!” @valerierohde, instagram

Sense of the Resurrection experience via Sarah Kisco.

“I am possibly the least crafty person on the planet so we had to modify a couple of things but my six year old and I are really enjoying it and learning a lot. Thank you!” -Sarah Kisco, Facebook

"Not using this doorway for 3 days is a good reminder how long Jesus was in the tomb. We forget and are reminded almost hourly! Love hearing my 3 uear old yell loudly 'oh cant go that way! Thank you Jesus for dying for me!!!'" @alaina_holland, instagram

“Not using this doorway for 3 days is a good reminder how long Jesus was in the tomb. We forget and are reminded almost hourly! Love hearing my 3 uear old yell loudly ‘oh cant go that way! Thank you Jesus for dying for me!!!'” @alaina_holland, instagram

Sense of the Resurrection experience from @miss_lucym

“Just like Jesus did. No one is too important to serve someone else. My kids are learning so much with#senseoftheresurrection activities. ” @miss_lucym, instagram

And did you read Lyndse’s story about death and life? Whew. So good. Jennifer’s story on Facebook? Her sweet 6 year old daughter, adopted from Russia with Down Syndrome has experienced Jesus this Easter season! You have to go read it.

As with Truth in the Tinsel, it works because you work. Not because there’s something so super special and amazing about it (although, I do think it’s kinda amazing).

I hope your Easter season was full of life and the sweet knowledge of Jesus’ love for you. Let me know in the comments about your Easter or Sense of the Resurrection experience. I’d love to hear how you celebrated!

ps–I’ve got a super busy week coming up and a trip to Colorado (squeeee!), so I’m gonna be off the internet for awhile (except when I get to Colorado, I’ll be on Instagram because of course, you’re gonna wanna see me falling skiing down a mountain!). I’ll be back in a few weeks, friends! (While you wait, check out my latest post at Missional Women, Helping Your Children Memorize Scripture When You Don’t Have Time.)


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